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Any offers made by phone or text will not be accepted or considered. All written offers will be considered, however, no offer will be accepted prior to the offer submission deadline that has been set for this particular property.
Offers without a Proof Of Funds and lender approval letter (if applicable) will not be considered.

A $2,500 (for cash purchases) / $5,000 (for other financing methods) minimum non-refundable deposit will be required to secure the property if your bid is chosen. The deposit will be credited towards the sales price. The only way the deposit will be refunded is if we can’t close due to no fault of your own. Please note this is not earnest money, and the deposit must be received within 24 hours of your bid being accepted, otherwise the contract will automatically revert back to us and we will select another buyer.

The property will not be considered “under contract” until we have signed our contract with you, and your deposit has been received within the 24 hour window. Until that time, we will continue marketing the property / contract for sale.
The contract is contingent upon the Seller providing clear and marketable title prior to the closing date. In the event that clear and marketable title cannot be obtained, you will be released from the agreement, and your deposits will be reimbursed back to you.

REAL ESTATE AGENTS – please add your commission on top of your client’s offer price. No need to write up a new contract, as we will handle all documentation on our end – just let us know what price your client is willing to pay.
This agreement is NOT assignable to another party – no daisy chains! Doing so will automatically block you from being eligible for any future transactions of any kind from our company. We have also recorded our interest in the property at the county to cloud the title, so please do not attempt to go around us to get to the owner.

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